Media Center needs updating 
I recently installed LinuxMCE in favor of M$ Vista. Vista is suckin' big time, period! It's a 10+ minute boot each time, and after 5 minutes or so the systems hangs completely. So I finally decided to dump it. Installation of LinuxMCE was a drag, but finally I got it installed. Playing music and watching movies works great, but somehow my Hauppauge PVR350 (including the infra red control) is not detected. That means I'm missing quite some of the media center experience (whatever that may be), and I'm unable to control the system using a remote control.

Now I see that there's a new beta available, based on Kubuntu 0710. I guess that means I have to spent some time reinstalling

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Android on Zaurus: Installation instructions 
Tested on my SL-C3100, this is a small bootable Poky 2.6.23 kernel with a copy of the Android OS from the SDK (qemu) emulator.

Installation on the Zaurus is done in the usual way:

1. Download zImage.bin,, gnu-tar and android-root.tar.gz and copy the files to a SD card
2. Remove battery and power adapter cable
3. Wait for 5 seconds
4. Replace battery, close and lock battery cover
5. Attach power adapter cable
6. Keep OK button pressed while pressing on/off switch
7. From the Japanese menu, choose option 4 (Update), then 2 (SD) and finally Y

Flashing starts, and you are asked if you want to flash the kernel, if you want the microdrive to be formatted and if you want the root filesystem to be installed.
Accept all questions answering them with y

After flashing is complete, the machine is rebooted. Login with root and type /start to start Android.
This is the basic version, without any of the patches found across the Net.

Have fun, and share your results and findings of course!

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Success story: Porting Android to my Zaurus 
Yesterday I was finally successful in running Android on my Zaurus SL-C3100. Build on a minimal 2.6.23 (Poky) linux kernel and the files and info from this blog I created a complete installable distro.

The speed is astonishing, I never thought a Java based OS would be able to be this responsive!

There's lot to be done of course. Touchscreen isn't working, as is networking, the display is in portrait mode on default and a lot of applications are still missing. But it's a nice begin!

Great to have this working on my Zaurus, moreover when you know that devices shipped with Android will be sold in the second half of 2008. So we're one of the happy few, and I like that.

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When the news was spread that Google announced a mobile phone platform called Android I just took it for granted at that time. Always nice to have some serious competition in a smartphone world ruled by micro$oft and symbian. I have a weak spot for symbian somehow, since it's a psion initiative, and build on the experience psion had as manufacturer of PDA's that were always ahead of their time. But I like systems to be open, and symbian simply isn't. And micro$oft, well they sell OS'es still being alpha versions. Daily reboots and complete hangups are a common thing. Enough said, dump it, it's rubbish!

Some week ago I came across a post that some clever guys were successful in porting Android to the Zaurus. I'm always interested in initiatives like this. The more distro's available for the Zaurus, the better. Freedom of choice is a good thing after all.

That's when I started to gather some more information about Android. To my astonishment I read that it was based on a Linux kernel, and that most of the OS was build in Java. Linux and Java, this is a combination I like a lot!!

Java on my Zaurus has been an onging experience for me. I've build various JVM's like SableVM, JAMVM and of course the official Sun virtual machine. My experience: nice to be able to develop small console applications "on the road", but not good enough for serious applications based on a graphical GUI. Although it has a great geek-factor, it simply lacks speed to be very useful in real life.

But, I will certainly check this Android thing out and see if I can make it work on my Zaurus.

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