LibreELEC test build for RK3288 
I created a testbuild for anyone wanting to try LibreELEC on RK3288.

First image is a firmware update.img which can be flashed with upgrade_tool in Linux, or AndroidTool in Windows. This installs the image to eMMC flash storage. Beware that this firmware image is especially for the Ugoos UT3+ device. It contains boot, kernel, recovery and LibreELEC system all in one. It partitions the Ugoos UT3+ into a small (read-only) system partition, and a large 13Gb user partition. After flashing the image it should boot you straight into LibreELEC.

Second image is one for the more adventurous types out there, wanting to try LibreELEC on some other RK3288 device. You have to be comfortable with setting up a linux distro, and you're pretty much on your own. You need a working kernel to start off with. Make sure you have that. Download the tarball archive here. It contains a seperate SYSTEM and KERNEL image. The KERNEL is the Ugoos UT3+ one. You need to make your device boot the SYSTEM partition. You can use the initramfs found here to do so. Depending on the location you're installing the SYSTEM partition, you might need to change the initramfs. You also might need to set the STORAGE location manually in the initramfs.

I'm still in the process of getting all the source code into github, so please bear with me there.

[Update] 2017-03-14 Updated firmware available

Latest test image can be found here. This image has lots of hardware fixes. Wifi works, power LED and hopefully the CPU fan as well. There was a bug in the initial resize of the user partition which caused issues in the startup wizard. This has been fixed as well.

[Update] 2017-02-23 Updated firmware available

Latest test image can be found here. This image should work when flashed from Windows as well as Linux. After flashing completes, the device is rebooted. On first boot, the user partition is automatically resized, and although the device should reboot automatically after that, it seems to hang. So on first boot, the trick is to wait for lets say a minute, then unplug the power, and finally replug the power to boot into LibreELEC. I know this is somewhat of a hassle, but it works, and hey, this is an early test version :)

Be aware of the fact that the image is for testing purposes only. There are still lots of things to fix...

[Update] 2017-02-21 Source code available

I've uploaded everything you need to create your own LibreELEC build on github here. For now it has only been tested on the Ugoos UT3+ (RK3288). Just clone the repository and run the script ''. It will generate a flashable firmware image that will run LibreELEC from eMMC.

I also updated the links above, pointing to the latest test images. The image contains LibreELEC 8.0.0 which is about to be released as a final version officially.

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