Rockchip GPL Kernel Upgrade to 3.0.101 Released 
I have just uploaded all the kernel changes I made in the last couple of months. It is kind of a "big bang" commit. Sorry about that. There are too many changes to mention them all separately. Mali support is also included.

Also, any of you with touch screen monitors out there, please give it a try. Most linux distributions are not ready (yet) for touch screen monitors, but basic support should work!

Give it a try, and make sure to share additions or changes you make. The more this code is adopted, the better it will become. So please support my initiative to get a common code base for the Rockchip platform!

Support for more devices will be added soon, among other things.

I hope you like it. Make sure to leave your comments below, and feel free to use that little orange "Donate" button on the left of the screen at any time ;-)

The kernel source can be found here

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