Rockchip GPL Kernel source released 
There haven't been any updates for quite some time here. But that doesn't mean that nothing has happened lately... on the contrary!

Today I released a new kernel for the Rockchip SOCs. It is based on version 3.0.72 of the linux kernel, and merges have been done with code from several Rockchip kernels out there. Apart from that, all the latest Rockchip patches have been applied. Support for several devices has been added already, and changes have been made to add more devices easily later.

Tests have been done on the Tronsmart MK908 and the Kingnovel K-R42 (aka MK888), on which the kernel works stable and all onboard components are fully functional. More devices will be added later, among which are the Rikomagic MK802IV and the Radxa Rock. These are all RK3188 Quad core devices. I hope to find some time to add support for some of the dual core RK3066 devices later as well.

As part of the kernel I've also added the 3.0.72+ kernel modules that are still closed source, like the Mali and the Wifi drivers. These modules are needed if you want to use the kernel on an existing Android system. Know that we are working hard to make the changes necessary to get rid of those closed source modules, in order to create a fully 100% open sourced GPL kernel for the Rockchip platform. Parts are already in there (like Mali support), but more work has to be done in order to get it all working.

Give it a try, and make sure to share additions or changes you make. In the meantime we are trying hard to make this kernel even better, with added support for more devices and embedded support for Mali, Wifi, Bluetooth and other things. We also started working on several distributions other than Android. Think about Ubuntu and OpenELEC.

I hope you like it. Make sure to leave your comments below, and feel free to use that little orange "Donate" button on the left of the screen at any time ;-)

The kernel source can be found here

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