These are exciting times! 
I know, it has been a while since I posted something here. So it might look like nothing much happens here at Omegamoon headquarters. But believe me, the opposite is true.

Since respected Picuntu developer Alok got his hands on the rk3188 kernel, a small team of developers have spent much of their free time delving through the kernel code. It has been hard to keep a good balance between work, hobby and a healthy family life the last couple of weeks.

The team that has been working together across the world consists of Alok and Galland (known for their Picuntu work), Astralix (from CrewrRKTablets) and myself. Results were many sleepless nights slowly making progress or sometimes banging our heads against a brick wall. In order to do some groundwork we got support from Perry, one of the owners and founder of KSK Electrics, who kindly donated several rk3188 devices to the team members.

Others have posted their rk3188 success-stories online already. I saw an Ubuntu implementation and overclocked kernels already. Very nice! Itís good to see that apparently there are more people working on these devices, which is a good thing! Our small team has a long list of things that still need to be fixed, or things we would like to see support for. On top of this list is Wifi networking and bluetooth support. We think our current implementation of kernel and OS is not yet ready for primetime, but my guess is that this won't take long. Until that time, please bear with us!

Iíll try to post a few things that might be interesting for others as well. We have modded the MK908 and the S400 to get a serial console for instance, and... well, we have more in store. These are exciting times!

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