OpenELEC distribution for RK3x in the making... 
I have been working on the 3.0.36+ kernel sources for the RK3x for a while now. I focus development on the MK808(B) for now, since I have a serial console available on those devices. For me the serial console is a must-have for kernel development. It makes it so much easier to find out what is causing a (fatal) kernel error, and it helped me out several times during development. I uploaded the current kernel sources to my github for anyone willing to give it a try as well. Be careful though. You have to be aware that (for now) the recent stock Android 3.0.36+ based images won't boot with the custom kernel. Cause of this is the Mali driver. It seems there are differences between the kernel driver I use and the userspace binary that is part of the stock kernel. Seems they don't match, resulting in a kernel oops during the boot process.

I also started with the development of a RK3x release of OpenELEC v3.0. For any of you that don't know OpenELEC, it is being advertised as a small Linux distribution built from scratch as a platform to turn your computer into an XBMC media center. I'm already using OpenELEC on a heavy weight quad-core Intel based machine. I use it as a dedicated media center, and it would be really something if this huge machine could be replaced with one of the noiseless(!) and extremely low powered mini RK3x devices.

I managed to build the complete OpenELEC distribution, replaced the (Android) boot.img and kernel and put the OpenELEC distribution on a SD card. Current status is that the kernel is booting nicely and the good news is that OpenELEC is starting as well, but the X-Server is causing some problems, so it needs more work. I still need to incorporate the Mali X11 driver as well.

I tried to test the OpenELEC distribution on the quad core RK3188 based MK908 as well, but since the boot process is being killed due to the X-Server not starting currently nothing shows up on screen. Maybe I need to try to get the serial console mod working for the MK908 just to see if the custom kernel boots on the RK3188 as well, using all cores...
I feel another solder session coming up :-)

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