New RK3066 kernel(s) - Changes galore - MK808 is getting better and better! 
I've been busy with lots of kernel changes. Too many to mention them all seperately here. I merged a lot of code from the 3.0.50 linux kernel into our 3.0.8+ code base. One big change worth mentioning is that I added touchscreen monitor support from the mainline 3.8 linux kernel. Since I don't own a touchscreen monitor myself I ask all of you proud owners of such a device to test this kernel and see if it works. Please don't forget to report your findings here of course.

Some of you reported that you still have 'No signal/Black screen' problems. I had trouble myself using the MK808 on my TV (HDMI) and my monitor (DVI). Each time one of the two devices ended up having a 'No signal/Black screen'. In the comments of my previous post you also asked for a 720p fixed resolution instead of 1080p. That's why this release has four different versions of the kernel. One for each output connecion, being DVI and HDMI and for each output a 720p and a 1080p fixed resolution. All four kernels have their own distinct default setup, being:
  • HDMI output with 720p fixed resolution
  • HDMI output with 1080p fixed resolution
  • DVI output with 720p fixed resolution
  • DVI output with 1080p fixed resolution
These settings are activated on bootup of the kernel, and are fixed as long as the 'autoconfig' feature is disabled. This feature is disabled on default, and can be re-enabled as described in my previous post. As long as 'autoconfig' is disabled, the fixed output and resolution remain in tact, whatever you do. Even changing the resolution from Android won't work! If you re-enable 'autoconfig' the output as well as the resolution can be changed to your liking again.

Kernel download
The kernel can be downloaded here. Flash it in the usual way. The zip file contains all four kernels.

I realize I haven't uploaded my github account lately. With a shortage of spare time I tend to choose doing more fun stuff than uploading changes. I promise I'll spent some time on cleaning up the code a bit and upload a new snapshot of my code base.

In the meantime I hope you all have fun with this release. Please give it a try and sent me feedback of your findings. Enjoy!

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