MK808 rk30xxHMDI driver - Fixing black screen/no image problem 
From day one I had difficulties working with the MK808. None of my LCD displays worked with the device. All gave a black screen, no image at all. The only exception was my Samsung TV set. Not so handy when developing stuff for the MK808, tweaking the kernel, changing the Android OS or even create new distributions like Ubuntu or XBMC.

So in the beginning I used 'adb' a lot, and walked over to the TV set in the living room like a million times, asking my wife again and again if it's okay to "borrow" the TV for just a minute and test my latest change(s) ;-)

Now, having the serial console feature, debugging has become so much easier. The console is available early in the kernel boot process, and the device is accessible from my PC. A lot of mistakes you make when customizing the kernel show up on the console, which is very helpful.

This is how I found out that, although no image showed up on my LCD monitor, detaching the monitor was detected by the HDMI driver. This made me think. Could it be a flaw in the HDMI driver after all? All the "solutions" I read about online were related to adding (powered!) splitters, (powered!) repeaters or other converters/adapters to the MK808. In my opinion, one of the nice things of a device like this is that is has an ARM CPU which uses very little power. The succes of having such device 100% working for me would be having a small extremely powerful, "always on" and very low powered device. That's why adding all kinds of additional powered hardware is a real show stopper to me.

Delving into the HDMI device driver code, I looked at the "hotplug" feature. This feature signals any changes on the HDMI port, connecting or disconnecting a display for instance. I changed the code by telling the driver that a display is always connected, in effect disabling the hotplug feature. I also set the resolution fixed to 1280x720 60Hz (1080p720p). This works! Booting the customized kernel now finally shows the Android home screen on all my displays.

For all of you having the same black screen/no image problem, please try flashing the kernel, and let me know if this fixes the problem for you as well. Included in this 3.0.8+ kernel are a lot of additional patches and changes, cherry picked from the 3.0.50 kernel release. I'll continue to upgrade the kernel to a higher level.

[Update] 2013-01-20 Sound issue fixed.

The kernel can be downloaded here.

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